Monday, 31 October 2016

Android App Development Company in India: Enabling Businesses Achieve Competitive Advantage

Over the years, smartphones have changed from a simple communication device to an operative tool. Increasing advances in mobile technology, high speed data access as well the interactive interfaces have turned mobile into a whole new experience for users. These days, a large number of people are downloading apps on their phones in order to get information on-the-go. There is nothing wrong in saying that both mobile phones and mobile apps are gaining huge momentum not only among young folks, but people of all age groups. 

android app development company in India

Growing Popularity of Android Apps 

Talking about mobile apps, businesses are selecting android for application development. This is because it is an open source mobile operating system with a simple mobile app development process. This OS has a low barrier to entry and offers Software Development Kit (SDK) at free of cost, which as a result, minimizes the development as well as the licensing cost. In addition, Android app development is scripted in Java language with the help of a rich set of libraries. This means that all those who have the knowledge of Java are able to build android apps. In comparison to other mobile platforms, such apps can be easily deployed in different ways. This means that you do not have to rely on a single market in order to distribute your apps. You can use third-party application marketplace and can also form your own distribution as well as sales channel. Moreover, the streamlined development offered by Google is also the most important reason for the increasing popularity of the android apps over others. 

It is seen that with the help of android applications, numerous enterprises and businesses are looking forward to establish their presence across the world and to make substantial advantages. With this demand, a wide range of companies are engaged in providing professional android app development services. Such firms include talented team of android app developers and with the help of effective methodologies or techniques, they create customized apps that are not only powerful, but also scalable. However, there are many companies, but all cannot be the same. Thus, it is very important to do some deep research before finalizing the company. 

How To Find The Best Company? 

When it comes to finding the best android app development company in India, it is important for you to have a look at the company's portfolio of mobile apps. You should also check the firm's expertise in multiple technologies as well as platforms. In addition, checking customer's testimonials is an effective way of measuring and determining the work done by the company in the past. If required, ask about the mobile app development process followed by that particular firm. Lastly, knowing the development cost is also a very important factor that should not be overlooked. If you properly follow all these points, you can find the top-notch app development company. 

Appinventiv is a renowned and the most trustworthy Android App Development Company in India that deliver scalable and interactive android applications which pave your business success path.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Deep Insight Into Importance of Web Design & Mobile App Development

Website is considered as the first representation of your business and it is the place where a large number of potential leads will come across. Thus, it is very important that your web design creates the first impression on you. It is believed that the design of a website is of utmost importance because it affects how quickly visitors can find what they are in the search of. In addition, it allows you to build brand awareness and shows professional behavior of your company. A good website opens up a two-way communication path. Your customers can give feedback through contact form and you can respond to it easily.

UI/UX design pattern for mobile app development

Important Considerations for Designing a Website 

You should use good colors which are relevant to your business theme. Other than this, animations can be used for giving information to a visitor. There is a need to keep the layout simple so as to provide clear structure. It is important to keep the usability in mind and it should not be sacrificed for the sake of its appearance. In addition, the site navigation needs to be in a logical as well as in a consistent place on every single page. Last but not the least, you should use bold text, underlined text as well as capitalised text in order to convey headings, sub-headings as well as links. 

Why Mobile App Development is Important for your Business? 

In this highly competitive world, if you want to stand out from the crowd you need to have a well-developed mobile app for your business. Whether you are engaged in small, medium or big business, mobile app development is the most crucial factor. This is because mobile app includes a lot of advantages. It is said that with a mobile app, you can achieve results easily that are generally impossible with a mobile-friendly website. When you have an app, telling your customers about your business is very easy. Apart from informing them about your offerings, you have the chance of creating an offer that is too irresistible and can notify it through the app. When it comes to responding to a customer's support request, an appropriate app makes it very easy to do it. Furthermore, your customers need a proper way to reach you and thus, having a messaging feature with your app can really make a big difference in the way you interact with your esteemed consumers. Lastly, it acts as a direct marketing channel that allows you to provide information on prices, booking forms, user accounts, search features and news feeds etc.

There is no exaggeration in saying that both effective web design and qualitative mobile app development are important for the growth of your business and for this, you can contact a leading company that is engaged in providing both the services at affordable rates. However, for an app development first determine what it will be for. It is seen that users prefer certain categories of apps, those that make life fun or simplify your life and those that are of your interest. So, make sure that your app also belongs to a nice category. In order to find the best mobile app development company or a firms for web design services, do proper research before finalizing the choice. 

Appinventiv is a reckoned as a world-class mobile app development company in India for providing fruitful web design services. In addition to this, the company includes a huge team of app developers for unbeatable mobile app development services.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Satisfy your App Development Needs from an Affordable Company

These days, several businesses are following the mobile trend because a large number of people spends more than two hours a day on their mobile device. So, if you are the one who is looking forward to grow your business, it's the time you should think of mobile app. These days, you must have seen that businesses you interact with in your everyday life have their own dedicated smartphone app. A mobile app for your business acts as a direct marketing channel because it serves many functions such as it provides general information, prices, booking forms, user accounts, news feeds and search features. Hence, there is no exaggeration in saying that all the information you'd like to provide to your customers is at their fingertips.

mobile app development company in India

Furthermore, it can greatly contribute to your brand awareness. This is because it is a blank billboard sign and you can do anything with it such as make it stylish, informative or functional, but don't forget that your major focus in on creating an app that has features your customers will adore and at the same time you need to make sure that is well branded as well as beautifully designed. In addition, it creates a sense of recognition. This means that the more often you involve your customers with your app, the sooner they all will be inclined to buy your product or avail your service. Building your app cultivate customer loyalty, which is said to be very important for your business. There are many companies that are engaged in qualitative app development process and all claims to offer world-class services. However, it is seen that people are looking forward to avail high-quality services with affordable rates and thus, it is important for you to follow some important for choosing the best and affordable company in India, which are listed below: 

Be specific with your Requirements 

Before finalizing the company, there is a need to study the requirements of your project. You should jot down all important points because this way the service provider will be able to understand what you want. 

Explore Several App Development Companies 

Use search engines like Google search and type relevant keywords such as affordable mobile app development company in India and mobile app development company in India etc. 

Check the Portfolio 

It is described as the work done by the company. So, check all this properly and carefully list out the project that suits your requirements with the name of the firm. 

Check the Cost 

Contact the company and inquire with the project details and check their response. This will help you from getting ripped off. 

Do Comparison of Companies 

Excel sheet helps you in maintaining all the important details about the company such as cost, services, experience, market reputation and many more. Select the Best Company After doing the comparison, select some companies and send them an email and after their response you can again prepare a final document of comparison. Aforementioned are some of the most important factors that should be considered properly as these factors paves the way for better selection. Appinventiv is a reliable name that promises to offer better services at best prices. So, if you have any app idea, contact us at to turn it into a reality. 

Appinventiv is the leading mobile app development company in India that offers a wide range of mobile app development services to its esteemed clients. By choosing us you will get state-of-the-art services at affordable rates.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Appinventiv: Reliable Name for iPad App Development

The emergence of iPad is revolutionizing the enterprise mobility with some advanced as well as innovative features. It is believed that Apple's iPad is not just a nice-looking gadget, but it is also a full-fledged business tool that can help you work more flexibly. Due to its high-quality display, portability as well as power, it is said to be an ideal option for presentations. Today, a large number of businesses are looking for an iPad application as it is considered as a great way in order to appeal to your target audience. It is very easy to think of your iPad as an option of relaxing, but currently, the iPad market is flooded with a wide assortment of productivity apps that have the capability of transforming an iPad into a workhouse. This means that whether you are making a presentation, managing tasks or you are in the search of some better ways in order to be more efficient, there are some apps for that.

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iPad apps for the workplace


It is an amazing video conferencing app with some wonderful options. With the help of this app,you can host virtual meetings with at least 25 people joining from any web-connected device. It also comes with in-built invitation system that can simplify the process of scheduling a meeting. It allows you to share screen, mouse or keyboard controls with other attendees in order to collaborate on a project from anywhere.


This app is an effective way of carrying your documents. This is because it will automatically store all your documents from email or web. It also includes the ability for freehand drawing in order to make annotations on your document in a hassle-free manner.


Remembering passwords for a multitude of mails and systems you are using is the most irritating thing, but with help of 1Password, you can store as many password as you want. Moreover, you have the chance of storing website logins and notes.


It uses stickies of rectangular shape, allowing you to put text for creating flowcharts or an idea repository. After finishing the work, it allows you to email your work in the form of text or PDF document so that you can share with the rest of the team.

Why Choose Appinventiv for iPad Development Service? 

It is a leading iPad application development company that has years of experience in developing high-performance iPad applications. The company includes a huge team of certified iPad developers who understands how users interact with iPad and accordingly, build result-driven robust apps. The team pays attention on not only on UI/UX  design and also focus on delivering an elegant application that plays a vital role in grabbing several sales opportunities. Till date, the company has built some of the most downloaded iPad apps at the iTune App Store. Hence, there is no exaggeration in saying that Choosing this company for iPad app development is undoubtedly the best decision for your business.

Appinventiv is one of the widely preferred iPad app development company in India as it implement best iPad app development methodologies to offer you the high-quality apps, which can add value to your business.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

iPhone App Development Facts You Should know

There is no doubt that smartphones are one of the highly recognized devices for daily use. The iPhone app development is the most lucrative business these days. The iOS application developers have received recognition throughout the globe since the launch of Apple app Store. Today we present you the basic facts that are mandatory to know before you begin with app development.

Good Application Development combined with an Appealing Design 

Good design is a prerequisite for the success of any mobile application and in order to get the best designs ,you need to hire experienced application designers. General user has nothing to do with complex logical code, if your app has an intuitive user interface and pleasing graphics, it will attract users for sure. Only seasoned and experienced designers are able to accomplish this complex task. 

Innovative App Development 

With the growing demand of iPhone apps, developers are moving a notch ahead by creating out of the box and innovative mobile apps. Hiring an experienced iPhone app development company is always a good idea because they know their work very well and have expertise in developing apps pertaining to multiple domains.

Compatibility with multiple devices 

Apple has a good range of products right from iPhone 4, 4s, C, 6, 6S and of late iPhone 7 and 7 plus. Therefore, an iPhone app developer should ensure to develop iPhone apps that are compatible with these different devices and provide support for them to be successful on the Apple App Store. 

Apple Terms and Conditions Knowledge

Apple App Store strictly abides by the App Store Review Guidelines and the Human Interface Guidelines. Therefore, it is essential for an iPhone application developer to have a thorough understanding and knowledge of the terms and conditions that Apple has designed for submitting and approving a mobile app in the Apple Store. 

Appinventiv is one the leading iPhone application development company that provides mobile solutions to the clients across the globe. With Appinventiv, You get best Return on your investment on your app idea and exponential outcome for your app idea. The company is always the first choice among entrepreneurs all over the world. We are known for creating fresh and ground breaking iPhone app development and porting them to distinct mobile platforms. As you'll be able to expect reasonable solutions for iPhone Application, we are a trusted selection of many clients all over world. We ensure and make sure that iPhone app we deliver give your visitors a leading edge experience.